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Favorite of the Season: Black Sesame

Every new collection, we would like to highlight our favorite flavor! This season, we would like to highlight our Black Sesame Marshmallows! Our black sesame marshmallows are a delicious and unique twist on a classic treat, featuring a rich and nutty flavor that is perfectly balanced with our signature fluffy and chewy texture.

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  • Thai/Lao/Cambodian New Year Collection

    Our TLC New Year Collection celebrated April with iconic flavors paired with coconut! These marshmallows will remind you of many desserts from Southeast Asia!

  • Valentines Day Collection

    Our Valentines Day Collection played with flavor combinations and layers! Each flavor was paired with a chocolate layer which adds richness when paired with black sesame, mango, matcha, ube, strawberry, and vietnamese coffee!

  • Holiday Collection

    Our Holiday Collection celebrated an amazing time with familiar flavors from our childhood that brought warmth and joy. This collection featured: Black Sesame, Kinako, Red Bean Sesame, and Ginger Brown Sugar.

  • Dim Sum Collection

    Our Dim Sum Collection highlighted the well known flavors of a Sunday Dim Sum Lunch. In this collection, you can find the following flavors: Mango Pudding, Black Sesame, Taro, and Red Bean.

  • Tea Time Collection

    Our Tea Time Collection featured popular tea flavors found in many Asian cultures. This collection had the following flavors: Chrysanthemum, Thai Tea, Chai, and Barley.

  • Launch Collection

    Our launch collection is what started it all! This collection featured flavors from across many asian cultures and created the foundation of SugarCube Marshmallows. Flavors featured were: Strawberries and Cream, Mango, Black Sesame, and Matcha.

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Try our variety pack! Our variety pack is a great way to sample all of the flavors of the season!

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