Favorite of the Season: Thai Tea

Every new collection, we would like to highlight our favorite flavor! This season, we would like to highlight our Thai Ice Tea Marshmallows!Each fluffy bite captures the essence of traditional Thai iced tea, transporting you to bustling street markets and tranquil tea houses. Indulge in this delightful fusion of flavors, perfect for satisfying your sweet cravings and embarking on a flavorful journey through Thai culinary tradition.

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  • Naomi

    5 Stars - Not too sweet and reminds me so much of the dim sum mango pudding I used to beg my parents to get.

  • Dil-Domine

    5 Stars - How can you not like UBE and marshmallow? Yup you heard it right, UBE MARSHMALLOW! Say that slowly but don't wait to order this because its delicious! Keep up the great work and excited to buy more.

  • Carolyn

    5 Stars - Great way to try new flavors!

  • Jaclyn

    5 Stars - Delicious! Great assortment — the Pandan Coconut and Mango Coconut are my favorites!

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  • Halo Halo Collection

    Our Halo Halo collection highlighted the individual iconic flavors in a tasty, sweet Filipino dessert! Flavors included Mango, Pandan, Red Bean, and of course Ube!

  • Single Flavor Release

    For our first Single Flavor Release, we launched our Strawberry Rose Marshmallows in celebration of the Mother's Day season. These marshmallows were fruity and floral and made a great gift for that special person in your life.

  • Thai/Lao/Cambodian New Year Collection

    Our TLC New Year Collection celebrated April with iconic flavors paired with coconut! These marshmallows will remind you of many desserts from Southeast Asia!

  • Valentines Day Collection

    Our Valentines Day Collection played with flavor combinations and layers! Each flavor was paired with a chocolate layer which adds richness when paired with black sesame, mango, matcha, ube, strawberry, and vietnamese coffee!

  • Holiday Collection

    Our Holiday Collection celebrated an amazing time with familiar flavors from our childhood that brought warmth and joy. This collection featured: Black Sesame, Kinako, Red Bean Sesame, and Ginger Brown Sugar.

  • Dim Sum Collection

    Our Dim Sum Collection highlighted the well known flavors of a Sunday Dim Sum Lunch. In this collection, you can find the following flavors: Mango Pudding, Black Sesame, Taro, and Red Bean.

  • Tea Time Collection

    Our Tea Time Collection featured popular tea flavors found in many Asian cultures. This collection had the following flavors: Chrysanthemum, Thai Tea, Chai, and Barley.

  • Launch Collection

    Our launch collection is what started it all! This collection featured flavors from across many asian cultures and created the foundation of SugarCube Marshmallows. Flavors featured were: Strawberries and Cream, Mango, Black Sesame, and Matcha.

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Try our variety pack! Our variety pack is a great way to sample all of the flavors of the season!

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