What are the main ingredients?

Sugar, Lite Corn Syrup, Powdered Gelatin, Vanilla extract, Corn Starch, and Powdered Sugar. Each flavor having their own twist.

Where are the marshmallows made?

The marshmallows are made in a home kitchen with a Cottage Food License class A in the San Francisco Bay area!

Our marshmallows are handmade so shape and color may vary! 

How long do the marshmallows last and how should they be stored?

About 2-3 weeks in room temperature in an air tight container or 3-4 weeks refrigerated. If refrigerated, texture of the marshmallows may change. 

Are the marshmallows vegan/gluten free?

Our marshmallows are NOT vegan due to the powdered gelatin we use. They are however, gluten free and dairy free.

How do I get my hands on some marshmallows?

Ordering windows are open for only 2 weeks at a time. Because our business specializes in small batch artisanal marshmallows, each batch are made fresh to order. Please follow our social page to find out when the next window will be open!